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I have been a proud parent of a Loveland Student for 5 years and I have lived in the community for 12 years. Like many, I chose Loveland as my "forever home" for the amazing community and the fantastic schools. As of late, those two have become a point of contention, and it's time to reconcile those differences before the problems become unsolveable.


  My Goals 

Our current Board of Education has done a wonderful job of rebuilding trust and transparency. As we move towards healing old wounds, I want to guide the Board on better communicating with our community so it understands why and when decisions are made. The Loveland community clearly supports our schools. If the Board can communicate in new and modern ways, the community will respond with greater understanding, and we can avoid the negativity of the past.         


 What Josh Believes

I believe that every child, no matter their background, deserves a quality education. We put the LOVE in Loveland when we support others to achieve their very best, and that starts with a solid foundation in schools. Along the way, we should teach kindness to others. Some things, like the Golden Rule, should never be forgotten.


Want to help?

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